CyberFox Game Studio

CyberFox Game Studio is a very small independent game studio located in the Bahamas.

We have been working on our main project New World Bound (a metroid inspired 2.5 action adventure game) and our virtual 3D studio software but sadly without proper funding the development pace is very slow so we are currently working on an awesome Beatemup game which takes place in The Bahamas to publish to many different platforms. Any sales from that project will be invested back into the Studio to allow us to speed up progress on our other projects.
We also was working closely with a local charity teaching troubled/less fortunate kids (who were also lacking interest in school) game design . We were meeting small classes twice a week teaching them game development, graphics editing, 3d modeling/painting and audio creation/editing but we had to move from going on location to teach to creating a digital learning platform call Learn with CyberFox.
We love games of the pass like Metroid, Zelda, Final Fantasy and other great adventure or RPG games. That is why most of our games are inspired by great classic game. When we were younger we lived on an out island in the Bahamas and the public school which we attended had very good traditional education but didn’t have any computers available to the students. So we had to learn everything ourselves at home on used computers donated to us. In the final year of school after we had taught ourselves enough to get a reputation of being a techie. The school finally started a computer class and ask us to start a computer club teaching kids computers after hours. We loved doing this and sharing our skills. That is why we always want to help people get educated in IT and Game Development. That brings us to the reason why we are developing the digital learning platform.
We are very passionate about developing video games and teach others the skills to develop also.

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