Hi Everyone,

We would like to announce that we are currently working on a standalone version of our virtual studio software that will allow anyone to create awesome content of their own.

If this is your first time on this page here is some info.

We are a small indie game developer located in the Bahamas. We starting providing some simple virtual studio sets built in our 3D game engine to some local content creators. After working with them for a few months we decided to make the project more user friendly and work on a build we can some day release tot he public. if you are a content creator weather you do talk shows or news casting our software is the perfect solution for you but we are not stopping there we intend to make this software the one stop for all you content creating needs. Early versions of our software are already being use to created complete live online talks shows, education shows with 3d avatars, promotional videos/animated flyers and even gamers are using our software to create content for their twitch streams. Plus a local e-sports league is using our software to create their tournament streams and our studio also has a Gaming related comedy talk show. We welcome any support for this project thru our patreon, donations thru paypal from our website or even donations thru streamlabs to our education show starting soon call Learn with CyberFox. We will also be starting a indiegogo or kickstarter for the software soon as we have a working demo.

More Info About our Software.

Up to two 4 Capture devices (webcams, virtual cameras or  game capture cards) can be connected to the PC and used within our software, their signals will be displayed independently in high quality. This means, in your virtual studio you can setup to four different displays or shots allow you to have multiple angle from your webcams or have game/pc capture displaying on a virtual display in the studio. In addition, you have a virtual cameras with full range of motion available in the 3d environment and can change position with the click of a button. You can simulate a cameraman’s natural movements or choose any position for the camera to move towards or warp to instantly. Up to 10 different shots can be assigned to the cameras. There are several predefined default cameras movements or positions available, but you can customize them to fit your needs.

Controlling virtual cameras is easy and convenient thanks to the UI buttons for each shot and also the ability to control the camera freely using mouse and keyboard.

The Virtual Set/Environment is one of the most influential elements of our virtual 3D studio, its uniqueness will draw the audience’s attention and help you amaze them with your video material. With our software you get several ready-made studios and custom studios where you can use our easy to use Editor tools to control placement of every object in the studio and even add new objects like furniture, walls, plants, displays, video walls, avatars, photos, slideshows, decorations and even outdoor environment elements to allow you to  prepare your very own complete custom studios, with tons of available objects and gizmos. You can create from scratch or choose from our  templates. The Editing tools allow you to create stage designs quickly and efficiently, you can basically personalize every detail you want.

Our Editing tools allow you to modify and expand your custom or the ready-made virtual studios. Each object can be moved, rotated or scaled. The objects can also be combined in unlimited ways and into more complex compositions, you even import custom 3d objects, images, videos and modify logos, colors and even avatars. You can also define and configure additional studio lights.

You can implement unlimited number of ideas, and your video materials will always have a unique setting.

You can create custom 3D objects you want to place in the virtual studio in MS Paint 3D editor, 3ds max, blender or others. These application allows you to implement all the ideas, from the most original and crazy ones to the simplest ones, like three-dimensional subtitles. And all those created objects can be easily  and intuitively moved to a virtual studio, even during the live production. There are tons of free 3d objects available online.

Paint 3D also gives you many possibilities:

  • make a sketch and turn it quickly into a three-dimensional object,
  • use the ready-made solids, build objects with them, paint them, change their sizes – and many more,
  • apply realistic textures, such as wood, grass or others, to the objects you create,
  • create clippings of your favorite images or photos, use them as stickers, or apply them to 3D models.

You want a car to appear in your studio? It’s very easy – create it from scratch or use an existing design! Transfer the objects to your Studio and enjoy the results of your work!

We will provide many tutorials on how to create custom studio, 3d objects, 2D and 3D avatars and much much more.

An all-in-one Virtual 3D Studio Software that extends your creative process.

Our software features multiple tools that enable rapid editing with quick previews of your work in real-time.

  • All-in-one editor: Available on Windows, Mac, and even on mobile (limited features)  it includes a range of user friendly tools for designing immersive experiences and virtual studio or worlds.
  • 2D & 3D Studios: Our software supports both 2D and 3D studios with features and functionality for your specific needs in either.
  • Interactive Content: Our studios include quite a few interactive content like the ability to control objects, vehicles, weather, or even the 2d/3d avatar characters. We even included some fun simple games to keep you or your audience entertained during breaks or even include into you content creation process.
  • Efficient workflows:  Preconfigured Game Objects, provide you with efficient and flexible workflows that enable you to work confidently, without the worry of making time-consuming errors.
  • User interfaces: Our built-in UI system allows you to create/edit studios or content fast and intuitively.
  • Physics engines and water: Objects can use physics for many different effects like falling objects, explosions and our water even has floating objects support.
  • Outdoor and indoor environments: You are not limited to interior sets. You can create sets on the beach, in the forest, on the water, in snow or desert even in space.
  • Promotion content creation: We know what people need when the our trying to build their brand online and we are trying to provide as much of those needs in our software for example you can create video ads, flyers, or posters from right within our software.
  • More Coming Soon




Our Local Studio Services

Our Studio now offers Virtual 3D Studio Services where we can place you into any 3D environment weather it be a news room, a talk show or even out in a forest, on top of a mountain or even underwater.


Comfortable and Quiet Recording Room.

Supports up to 4 people Comfortably.

1 High Camera for Stand up shots and 1 close up cam for those important convo shots.

Fast and Reliable Internet.

Air Condition.

Coffee and Water available.

Our Studio can stream to several online platforms live like Facebook, youtube and twitch plus much more. Host can view viewers comments during stream.

Backup and copies of all recordings are available.

Host can receive voice and video call during the show. Either using personal cell or studio cell (studio cell limited to viber or whatsapp calls).

Studio also supports remote capture of host. For example the host can be at the home on another island and we can come to that home and setup a recording area where you can then call into our studio via video call or prerecord videos and we can then place you into the virtual set and broadcast you live as if you were in the studio that day. (requires good internet, webcam and pc at you remote location plus installation of green screen).

Our Studio can build a facebook page or youtube channel for you and also help you moderate and promote you content. We can even interact with your followers on your behalf.

Our Studio can do much more. Contact us and let us know what you would like us to do for you.


General Studio Usage $45 per hour session.                             (Additional Charges may be applied for creation of set and social media pages.)

Monthly Studio Usage $600 per month.                                    (Includes 2-3 shows per week and social media page management and some promotion)

Remote Host Usage $800- $1200 Setup fee. $70 per hour session.        (for client who can make it to our studio but still would like to have the full features of our studio available to them)

Standalone Custom Studio Software $2500.                             (for who would like to just purchase a version of the software to run their own shows using their own equipment and location)

*standalone version of our software doesn’t give you all the features of the studio software just enough to make you own cool show. Plus it doesnt give you complete rights to the software why there will be a Cyberfox Game Studio watermark or logo visible at times during the use of the software. However in our studio we are able to modify or add features  needed to extra effects or special segments. the standalone version can be updated by us if need be but at a additional cost.