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CyberFox Game Studio is a very small independent game studio located in the Bahamas.

We love games of the pass like Metroid, Zelda, Final Fantasy and other great adventure or RPG games. That is why most of our games are inspired by great classic games. When we were younger we lived on an out island in the Bahamas and the public school which we attended had very good traditional education but didn't have any computers available to the students. So we had to learn everything ourselves at home on used computers donated to us. In the final year of school after we had taught ourselves enough to get a reputation of being a techie. The school finally started a computer class and ask us to start a computer club teaching kids computers after hours. We loved doing this and sharing our skills. That is why we always want to help people get educated in IT and Game Development. That brings us to the reason why we are developing the digital learning platform. We are very passionate about developing video games and teach others the skills to develop also. We are even more passionate about creating great video games inspired by our favorite retro games. Now that you have gotten to know us better please take some time to check out game projects below. Thank You for visit CyberFox Game Studio's Website.

Meet the Team

Dwight Fox

Founder & Lead Desginer

Awesome Game Collector Dude.

Haydee Gonzales

Chief Marketing Officer & Beat Saber Queen

Beautiful Game Master.